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It’s Time To Get
Your Body Back!

We want to help you achieve your goals by creating
an individualized plan tailored to your specific needs.

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We Treat a Wide Range of Conditions

We pride ourselves on having Physical Therapists who specialize in the treatment of each body part.

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Cutting Edge Physical Rehabilitation

We offer innovative physical therapy services to help accelerate your recovery.

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How Our Physical Therapists Are Different


25+ Years of Experience

Established practice providing exceptional care throughout the Twin Cities for more than 25 years.

600+ Referring Providers

Our staff is highly respected in the medical community, with over 600 Doctors / Specialists referring patients to us.

PT Owned & Operated

Our Twin Cities physical therapy clinics are independent, and Physical Therapist owned and operated.

Dedicated Specialists

We provide 1 on 1 treatment sessions with a dedicated specialist in your area of need at each visit.


Patient Satisfaction Survey


“As a competitive dancer, I place incredible demands on my body, and have wrestled with wrist, shoulder, and knee injuries. I have chosen to work with the OrthoRehab professionals time and time again because they are truly passionate about what they do and they care about me.”

-Mark H.

Testimonial“My team at OrthoRehab Specialists played a vital role in the preparation and rehabilitation of my ACL and meniscus repair. They tailored my rehab plan to my individual goals while ensuring my knee progressed properly without risking reinjury. With their help, I went from being on crutches to setting new personal records in an Olympic and half ironman distance triathlon in under a year post surgery.”

-Steven G.

Physical Therapy Blog

Improve Your Relationship With Movement Through Physical Therapy

If you shy away from certain movements or activities because you are afraid the action will be painful, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from this condition – known as kinesiophobia – to varying degrees. However, movement is absolutely crucial for keeping your body strong now and in the future, so we shouldn’t live in […]

Which States Have The Most And Least Active Individuals?

As we’ve talked about on the blog countless times in the past, staying active is crucial if you want to help your body be the healthiest version of itself as you age, but physical inactivity is a growing problem here in the US. But which states have the most inactive people, and how do Minnesotans […]

How To Stay Motivated During Your Physical Therapy Program

While physical therapy is a highly effective treatment technique for patients looking to overcome injuries or recover following a surgical procedure, it’s not something that is going to solve the problem overnight. Many patients expect to follow a physical therapy program for weeks or months before they reach maximum physical function, so it’s not uncommon […]


Our Specialty Physical Therapy Clinics:


Plantar Fascia Institute of MN

Twin Cities Shoulder

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